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Using your makeup to highlight and contour your face is a celebrity makeup secret that is finally making its way to the public.  This trend uses makeup to highlight and accentuate your face and bone structure. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are known for their flawless makeup, and they have contouring to thank.  When you give this trend a shot remember to keep your contouring to a minimum because it is easy to overindulge. 

The next time you step out to the pool or beach, leave your bikini at home, and opt for a non-traditional one-piece.  This summer we have seen many celebrities step out in bold one pieces that feature cut-outs, sequins, low necklines, fringe and many other fashion elements. Now it’s your turn to strut your stuff.  Just remember to layer on the sunblock or else you might end up with some wacky tanlines.

  1. She can drum — she’s been writing music since she was 13.
  2. She loves a good selfie.
    So much that she takes them while walking the runway. Can you do that?
  3. Her family nickname is ‘Monster’
  4. Rita Ora is her best friend

  5. Her name is trademarked

Though crop tops were originally associated with outdoor music festivals, that is not the case anymore.  When you pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt you get a stunning outfit that is perfect for dinner parties or date nights.  This slightly stomach-baring outfit is perfect for women of any body type.  As long as you keep your shape in mind you can work with this outfit to emphasize your favorite body parts. Throw on a jacket, accessories, or a fun pair of stilettos to create a knockout look.

White denim is essential to any summer wardrobe.  Nothing screams summer fresh like a perfect pair of white denim shorts or pants.  The great thing about white denim is that you can wear it for both casual and dressy looks.  Pair these jeans with a floral top to create your perfect summer look.