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When it comes to makeup women have many choices, two of them being cream or powder. Cream-based makeup is lighter and has a bit of shine to it.  Powder makeup on the other hand, gives you a matte-finish look.  Which one you choose depends on how much coverage you are looking for. For safe measure, it’s good to have a cream and a powder makeup that you like so that you allow yourself to have options. 

Dry shampoo has many perks outside of helping your hair stay fresh. If you apply a couple of sprays of dry shampoo to your hair and give your head a shake and tease it a bit, you instantly create texture and volume. If you want a more relaxing textured look, spray your head before you go to bed.  Overnight you will allow the dry shampoo to settle and create natural-looking textured hair. 

Nude lipstick is a trend that has been around for years yet not everyone is clear on what it is.  Nude as a color can mean completely different things depending on the person.  A nude-colored lipstick doesn’t mean that it’s the same color as your skin; it means that it is similar to the color of your lips and works well to compliment your skin tone.  

Sometimes necklaces make bigger statements when you turn them around.  (Think Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars) This “backlace” accessory brings attention to the back and shoulders and therefore works best when you’re wearing a backless shirt or dress.  

The summer sun brings out many things in people, including their freckles.  Each person is different, so the amount of freckles that appear can vary.  For those who have little to no freckles, use light coverage to cover them, while others need a little more.  If you are covered with many freckles and would like to cover them up, remember to pick a color that’s in between the color of your skin and your freckles.  If you pick a base that matches your freckles, you are going to end up shades darker than the rest of your body.  After you’ve picked out your perfect color, remember to start with a face primer and make sure your makeup sets perfectly.